Our Trusted Partners

Allison & KimWith decades of experience as Americans in France helping English-speakers create their lives in France and understanding the challenges of living abroad, we’ve developed a network of trusted partners who work with us to facilitate our clients’ installation in France. We work closely with these providers to ensure our clients’ needs are met, and we are happy to share our network with the larger community of English speakers in France who need similar services.

We’ve developed this referral form to understand your needs and to refer you to the appropriate partners based on the services or assistance you’re looking for. In order to collect your personal data and send it along to our partners, we do need your authorization and acknowledgement of our GDPR and Privacy Policy. Note that in some cases, we may get referral fees or commissions if you use our partners’ services, but our main priority is to ensure that those in our community receive the support and professional services they need from the providers we trust with our clients.

When you complete this form, we will send email introductions for the services you need within 1-2 business days and you will receive a personalized reply from our partners, so please use your best email address. You will not be signed up for any newsletters or email marketing unless you request to be added to our email list. You will receive a copy of your completed form to your email.