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Your Fabulous French Life is Calling You!

We help individuals, couples and families successfully navigate the relocation process and confidently create a new life in France.

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For those looking to retire or take an extended vacation in France

For those wishing to start or transfer a business or artistic career in France

For those joining family members with French or EU Citizenship

Meet Allison

Are you ready to turn your dream of moving to France into reality?

With my unique Franceformation system, I can take you from dreaming about living in France to actually doing it!

Once we identify your long-term dreams and goals, we map out the bureaucratic obstacles that might occur and the steps you’ll need to take to lead you to success.

By preparing in advance, you’ll be armed with the resilience, knowledge and confidence you need to overcome anything and make huge strides forward.

Me and my experienced team will guide you through every step of the process, handing you the tools you’ll need as you pursue your goals and create your dream life in France.

Where Are You Now?

Just Starting Out…

I’m pretty sure I want to move to France, but I don’t know which visa is right for me or how the immigration process works.

Committed But Have Questions

I’m committed to moving to France… but I have a tonne of questions about the specifics before I can take the next steps.

Let’s Gooooo!

My move date is locked in, my plans are in place and I’m 110% ready to get this show on the road! 

Get Inspired:

Client Love: Carol & Kerry, Retirement VIP Package

We’re here in France…and with a valid visa! We really appreciated Allison’s expertise and how calm she is. We often would hear her say things like, « It's fine, don't worry, I see this all the time, this is what we're going to do », reassuring us that whatever it was,...

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Client Love: Sharon, Retirement VIP Package Client

I started to do the process of applying for a visa myself and was extremely frustrated with the website and the application. I had followed Allison's Facebook group "Americans in France" and she always had the answers for so many people who would post. I thought that...

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Client Love: Sue & Dave, Visitor Visa Renewal Clients

As new immigrants to France with limited French language skills, we were overwhelmed with the paperwork (driver’s license / CPAM / visa renewal) and sought out help. We chose to work with Allison because we didn't want someone who did the boilerplate thing but to work...

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