Franceformation Packages

Our signature Franceformation package is designed to support you and your unique needs as we guide you through your relocation, to help you grow and transform each area to fit your new-and-improved life in France, both before and after your move.

These two programs are included with each visa profile, while

First Steps to France

When you begin your Franceformation, you’ll suddenly have a huge to-do list of things to accomplish to prepare for your relocation and for your new life.

is your daily bite-sized inspirational accountability partner for your move to France, full of tips and tricks to get you prepared to take stock of your former life and navigate French bureaucracy like a boss. Each day, you’ll receive a new action item in your inbox to help you take one step forward and prepare you for your move to France.

You’ll get invaluable guidance and a daily tutorial for completing the admin task at hand. Instead of feeling overwhelmed by trying to figure out and make lists of everything there is to do as you prepare to move, you can just follow the simple formula that will guide you through aligning all aspects of your life with an international move, with ease and grace.

5 Franceformation Foundations




Visa Security


Income and Taxes


Immigration Procedures

First 100 Days in France

When you arrive in France after successfully obtaining a long-stay visa, it’s la course contre la montre (a race against the clock) to begin completing all of the necessary administration to establish your residency, find a permanent place to live, and do all kinds of normal ‘life’ stuff, from registering with the electric company and enrolling your kids in school to finding a doctor and getting health insurance. 

You want to enjoy your move and your new life France, and get off on the right foot. That’s why First Steps to Francee is a step-by-step guide to ALL of the bureaucracy hoops you’ll need to jump through during your first 100 days, with complete tutorials covering all of the essential topics of French bureaucracy and adjusting to your new normal. 

9 areas of Franceformation:

Health & Wellness

Family & Friends

Personal Growth

Travel & Mobility

Activities & Community

Cultural Adaptation

Choose Your Franceformation Profile

The specifics of your visa application and the procedures that apply to you depend on your personal employment situation and whether or not you or your spouse is a French or EU citizen. Our pricing

Sabbatical / Retirement

French Family

EU Citizen Family




Freelancer / Entrepreneur

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