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If you're committed to making a move to France, already have a good idea of what your visa options are (maybe you've already read Foolproof French Visas), and want to learn how you can take action quickly on following your dreams, a free 30-minute Clarity Call can give you the next steps for creating your vision and allow us to evaluate whether we're a good fit to work together on your relocation to France.

In this 30 minute session with Allison, you'll:

- get clear on which of your primary visa options is the best fit for your vision

- sketch out a potential timeline for your move

- identify what you need help with or need to decide before you begin the relocation process

- understand the options for working with Allison on your Franceformation

Or, for à la carte services, present the French administrative challenge you're currently facing and what issue(s) you need help resolving. Allison will identify whether and how she can help, diagnose an action plan, and gather information for providing a follow-up fee quote.

Note: while some of your questions about the process will be answered during the call, the primary objective of the call is to understand how we can support you during your Franceformation process. If you'd prefer an hour of dedicated time where you can ask all the questions you want about moving to and living in France, you can schedule a full consultation first.


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