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Full Consultation

Want to ask lots of questions and talk through your options?

Schedule a full consultation to get an hour of advice and feedback about moving to or living in France.

Sometimes, before you can wrap your head around moving to a new country, you just want to ask questions and get a lot of information from someone who understands what you want to do and knows the answers.

This Full Consultation option is for you if you’re not ready to begin the visa application process yet, but you want one hour of dedicated time to get all of your questions answered. If you’re currently working on an application or dealing with a French administrative issue, you can get advice on best practices and ask any questions you have about the process.

In this 60 minute full consultation with Allison, you can:

– a full hour of focused time, with no sales unless you ask for a quote, to ask any questions you have about moving to or living in France
or navigating an issue with French visas, administration, or bureaucracy

– discuss each of the options for your visa type, in-depth weigh the pros and cons of each one, and
consider the implications for your tax and/or residency situation

– sketch out a potential timeline for your move

– identify what steps you’ll need to take before you begin the relocation process

– have up to 3 pages of correspondence with a French administration or your own documents.
(Does not include a review of visa applications / or business/project plans)

– understand how to approach your unique issue and navigate a particular administrative challenge you’re currently dealing with,
and have Allison diagnose an action plan

– if you do purchase a service package within 90 days of your full consultation, the amount you paid for the call will be applied
as a discount to the cost of the service package.

Note: The consultation can include reviewing up to 3 pages of documents, such as correspondence with a French administration, a cover letter, or similar. It does not include review of visa applications or business/project plans or any work completed outside of the call time. Similarly, while Allison may advise you on what to say or how to approach a particular issue, this time will not include extensive editing in French.


To schedule your full consultation and get the answers you need about living in France, simply select a time slot below.  

I look forward to chatting with you!