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 we’ve got the expertise!

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For those looking to retire or take an extended vacation in France

For those wishing to start or transfer a business or artistic career in France

For those joining family members with French or EU Citizenship

Dozens of Happy Clients…

We’ve helped clients from all over the world move to France and build a beautiful new life. Whether you’re an artist, bricklayer, sommelier, tour operator, writer, financial planner, retiree or simply moving to be with your family, you’ll find a spot that’s perfect for you. Check out the map below to see where our clients have ended up!

“Working with Allison was worth every cent, and has put my mind at ease.

The French tax system is complicated and Allison’s deep knowledge of the things that can trip expats up proved invaluable.

She explained things in a clear way so that I understood the concepts and now I feel calm knowing she’s there to return to if I have any future queries.

I just couldn’t work it all out for myself, no matter how research I did – so was very grateful to tap into everything Allison has learnt over the years”.