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Get Serious

About Your Dreams?

Some people spend years dreaming about moving to France and never get round to making it happen…

They have an idea of what it will be like to flâner along the quais of the Seine…

meandering with a half-empty bottle of rosé sticking out of their bag and a baguette under their arm on the way back from the market…

finally writing their memoir at a bustling café where Parisians have their dogs sleeping at their feet… 

learning enough French to follow a lively philosophy debate…

or developing their career from naïve Emily in Paris-style intern to Emily, high-powered international marketing executive…

all the while, catching a glimpse of the sparkling Eiffel Tower from their window each night, getting goosebumps still – even after so many years in the City of Light.

Or perhaps they have a velvety vision of a Bed & Breakfast in the Luberon…

surrounded by fragrant lavender fields, their day punctuated by trips to the market square for fresh fish, pastries and organic vegetables…

or working remotely from a 16th-century stone farmhouse with exposed beams…

enjoying a beautiful glass of local red when the day is done…

reminiscing with new friends about the watercolor course they took last year.

The dreams are always vivid, but one thing separates the Dreamers who actually make it to France…

…from the Dreamers who satisfy themselves with dreaming.

It’s Fear.

The fear of French Bureaucracy.

The fear of making a mistake with their Visa and having to leave.

The fear that the whole thing might just be too complicated.

Even impossible. 

Sure – dealing with the intricacies of French immigration rules and bureaucracy can definitely be overwhelming at times, especially for newly arrived expats and immigrants whose level of French extends to “je voudrais un verre de vin rouge, s’il vous plait.”


But after helping hundreds of fellow Americans move to France over the past eight years, I can confidently say that – if you have a big enough vision, you can confront and overcome any  bureaucratic challenge you might face.

French bureaucracy, I tell my clients, is simply the tool to help you build whatever kind of life you want for yourself in France.

And I warn them against the other major problem that Big Dreamers face –  

Analysis Paralysis – aka Procrasti-research. 

Many of those who dream of creating a new life in France kid themselves that doing internet research, following a few forums or social media groups, reading the odd French novel or asking questions of their international friends is going to get them closer to that lavender-scented country air.

But it’s not.  

At some point, it’s time to stop asking questions – and start taking action.

That’s why I created the Franceformation Readiness Assessment a free workbook to help you clarify your vision for moving to France, identify what questions you still need to ask and give you an at-a-glance overview of the visa process and French bureaucracy 

In 45 minutes with this completely free workbook, you’ll define:

– Your premise, or set of reasons, for moving to France

– Your vision for your new life in France

– Your purpose for creating this life 

– And your strategy for making this dream a reality

Then, you’ll clarify any gaps in your knowledge, identify your biggest challenges and understand which elements of your Big Dream might impact your visa application process.


Armed with a tantalisingly clear vision of your future life in France, you’ll have complete clarity on next steps and a bucketful of renewed enthusiasm! 

To get started, just enter your details below to download your free workbook: 

And to help you make the most of your Assessment, you’ll also get a handful of follow-up emails from me, to guide you through the process and give you tips and weekly inspiration for pursuing those big, beautiful French dreams!

But why listen to me?

Salut, I’m Allison!

I’m a Franceformation Consultant who works with highly motivated, creative and heart-centered people like you, who want to design a whole new life in France.

 I help you envision and align with your dream life, get the right visa and navigate the bureaucratic procedures needed to achieve your goals.

What separates my services from other relocation consultants is that I ONLY work with passionate people who are immigrating independently – not through large programmes or corporations. That means you’ll receive unparalleled levels of personalized support and unbridled enthusiasm as you take a leap of faith into your new life – whether that’s retirement, a sabbatical, new employment or creating/relocating a business.

Since moving to France in 2009, I’ve written extensively about the different admin and bureaucratic challenges new arrivals face when they come to France. I’ve personally consulted with and helped hundreds of Americans (and other nationalities) to successfully move to France, and have answered thousands of questions in my 12,000+ member Facebook group, Americans in France.

I look forward to meeting you!

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