Our Mission:

We connect to your vision for your dream life in France. And then we give you the tools to create it.

We believe in having options, and creating opportunities, and following your heart.

We believe in open borders, open minds, and bringing dreams to life.

We believe immigration and bureaucracy shouldn’t have to be difficult or frustrating, and they shouldn’t distract you from your goals. Instead, we believe that understanding the administrative hurdles in advance can enable you to create thoughtfully, identify the obstacles that show the way to your dreams, and proceed intentionally.

We believe that living in a new country, understanding a new culture, and speaking a new language are gifts, and we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to become a citizen of the world.

/ fræns fɔrˈmeɪ ʃən /, n.f.:

1. The creation of one’s new life in France;
2. The personal transformation one undergoes when moving to France and incubating a new life;
3. The intense period of learning about oneself, about French bureaucracy, and about French language and culture, which occurs as one prepares to move to France and adapts to a new culture;
4. A full-service and support program to nurture you from the moment you decide to move to France, through your visa application, arrival, and beyond.