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We’re Team Franceformation…

…an international team of experts passionate about helping individuals, couples and families successfully navigate the relocation process and confidently create a new life in France.

Our mission is to help you understand the immigration requirements you’ll need to navigate so your move to France is as clear and stress-free as possible.

Through carefully listening to you and guiding you from creating your initial visa documents to registering you on the public health system once you’ve arrived, we’ll be there every step of the way.

With our help, you’ll be able to settle in quickly, feel confidently independent and take advantage of everything this wonderful country has to offer!

Meet The Team

Hi, I’m Allison!

I started helping people move to France and navigate French admin way back in 2011, shortly after making my own dreams come true by moving from the US to France to live and study.

Since then, I’ve helped hundreds of people design a whole new vision for their life in France – and then get the right visa and complete the steps needed to make it a reality. I created Your Franceformation in 2021 and began building the Franceformation team to support clients throughout their relocation to France.

What separates our services from other relocation consultancies is that we only work with people who are immigrating independently.

Because of this, you can be assured of completely personalized support and unbridled enthusiasm along each step of your immigration journey – there are no cookie-cutters here! We base all our clients’ applications on their specific needs and desires, and help them understand not just the bureaucracy, but also the emotional side of relocating – like choosing a location and work that’s right for you, preparing for culture shock and understanding the nuances of the French savoir faire.

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Kim first studied abroad in France in 1989, and moved back and forth a few times before settling permanently in France in 1996 with her French husband.

She is originally from Western Massachusetts, and  has a Master’s degree from Middlebury College. Kim has a rich and varied professional history of teaching and administrative work – most recently as a housing coordinator for a global study abroad program.

Joining the team in early 2021, Kim quickly established herself as a rock-solid problem solver with an encyclopedic knowledge of French bureaucracy. She takes care of our clients with efficiency and good humor, helping them navigate consulate appointments and the sometimes maddening correspondence from French officials!

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Lacey Bertrand-Reilly

Lacey relocated to France after completing university in 2006. Her first two years were spent working as an English language assistant in public secondary schools. This experience led to a full-time language teaching career, during which she helped clients of all backgrounds to improve their level of English and achieve their personal and professional goals.  

After 15 years of teaching and translation work, Lacey decided to pivot from teaching to administrative work. She joined the Your Franceformation team as administrative assistant and client care specialist in 2023, and loves having the opportunity to focus on what she has always enjoyed most in her professional life – keeping systems running smoothly and helping people follow their dreams. 

Originally from Texas, Lacey lives in the Normandy countryside with her French husband and their two children, in an 18th century house that they restored themselves.

Listen to Allison’s interview with Lacey 

Chelley has had a love affair with all things French since she first experienced Paris as a teenager. 

A Brit living just south of London, she studied French as part of her degree and has worked for several French companies during her career. 

Allison bought Chelley into the business in 2020. Together, they’ve built the team, developed our online programs and grown the business into the strong and successful company it is today.

A lover of travel, Chelley hops over to France whenever she can – most recently to attend the Team Get Together in Giverny!

You can connect with Chelley here.

Amy first fell in love with France during a university study abroad program. She then taught French for several years at a Montessori school before turning to the corporate training world.

After spending numerous summers in France, she decided to utilize Allison’s expertise to help guide her through a formal move from the US to Brittany. Though it took longer than expected (thanks to the pandemic) she is exceptionally happy to have made the move.

Amy established her business in December 2021 and now works with our clients on putting together business plans for visa applications, developing in-person and online training programs and coaching Business English.

Things We Love About France…

The Food

It’s aaall about the freshness!

French food is focused around the quality of ingredients. It might seem simple – but that simplicity underlies a real passion for flavor and the ability to create mini masterpieces each time you sit down to eat! (And yes, the French would never dream of eating on the run!). 

The Countryside

A Slower Pace of Life

The French way of life is so much more intentional. It’s focused around really being present with each day, finding pleasure in the simple things, and enjoying each other.

When I first arrived, I found it a little jarring… but now I couldn’t imagine living any other way!

The Wine!

I adore tasting and learning all about wine. Wines that you’d pay a huge amount for in the States, Canada or the UK you can pick up for a few euros in the supermarket. There’s so much passion here; so much attention to detail. I love expanding my palette and surprising myself with new tastes and combinations!

The Simple Elegance

It’s beautiful architecture everywhere you look and attention to the aesthetic at all times.

Living Seasonally

Our Clients…

We’ve helped clients from all over the world move to France and build a beautiful new life. Whether you’re an artist, bricklayer, sommelier, tour operator, writer, financial planner, retiree or simply moving to be with your family, you’ll find a spot that’s perfect for you. Check out the map below to see where our clients have ended up!

Connect with others on the same journey!

Head over and join our 18,000-strong Facebook group Americans in France, where we post updates & answer questions regularly. It’s a community of like-minded people, all of who are in the process of – or have successfully – moved to France. You’ll feel right at home!

What is a ‘Franceformation’?

1. The creation of one’s new life in France;
2. The personal transformation one undergoes when moving to France and incubating a new life;
3. The intense period of learning about oneself, about French bureaucracy, and about French language and culture, which occurs as one prepares to move to France and adapt to a new culture;
4. A full-service and support program to nurture you from the moment you decide to move to France, through your visa application, arrival, and beyond.

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