The idea of relocating to France can be both exhilarating and daunting in equal measure. Though our Retirement VIP Concierge clients Corinne Bermon and her husband Matt had long dreamed of enjoying a slow-paced life in France, the logistics of moving abroad felt overwhelming. Corinne recently spoke with us about the couple’s experience of working with Your Franceformation and how it transformed their relocation from a nerve-wracking experience to a dream come true.

“Before working with Your Franceformation,” Corinne explained, “I read Allison’s book on the visa process. It is an understatement to say I learned how difficult and arduous the process truly is and knew we would not be successful on our own. We were retiring from our jobs and starting to downsize our home in anticipation of the move. Adding the visa application process on top of already stressful events was just too much.” 

After discussing their plan during a consultation call with Allison, the couple realized that they didn’t want to manage the relocation process on their own. “We were already struggling with the logistics of hiring a moving company, how to get our pets to France, selling furniture, and much more,” Corinne told us. “Your Franceformation made it so easy for us to go through the process by basically doing it all for us. All we had to do was show up.” 

After successfully obtaining their visas, the couple spent their first few months discovering Carcassonne. “We genuinely wanted to get to know the area in which we wanted to live as much as possible”, explained Corinne. “We climbed as many Cathar castles as we could. We ate at every restaurant that struck our fancy. We visited museums, took walks along the Canal du Midi, shopped, and had beer in a pub while watching the Rugby World Cup.” When the Bermons decided to make their permanent home in nearby Corbières, they purchased a property with the help of one of Your Franceformation’s real estate partners.

“With Your Franceformation’s support, our transition to France has been seamless,” Corinne said. “From visa validation to settling into our new home in Corbières, every step was guided by their expertise. Now, we savor the slower pace of life, exploring our surroundings and relishing every moment.”

Reflecting on her personal journey, she shared, “I had dreamed of living in France since I was 11 years old and sitting in my first French language class. My teachers made it sound like a magical place – and you know what? They were right!”