Moving to a new country is no small task, but for our VIP Business Concierge client Eliza Bacot, creating a new home with her family in France was about more than just a change of address. Eliza recently shared her thoughts on relocating with her husband and their three children, and how teaming up with Your Franceformation helped her family build their dream life in France.

“It has definitely taken time for us to settle in, but being in France on our visa now has given us a great new outlook on the next chapter of our lives,” Eliza said. “We have been so excited to be immersed in the culture, have our children learning a new language and taking advantage of the beautiful country of France, enjoying the incredible wine and food, and now finding new ways to expand our business here.”

One of the biggest concerns Eliza and her husband had before relocating was the thought of navigating French administration on their own. “We were back and forth for two years about moving to France,” she said. “So much of what we were afraid of was the paperwork. We really wanted our children to have a different experience growing up and I really wanted to expand my business to Europe, but we were just terrified of the paperwork and the difficulty in transition for all the details.” 

Realizing that she needed the support of a dedicated team, Eliza chose to work with Your Franceformation. “I had connected with Allison on a call before and really felt like she understood the ins and outs of the system. I connected with her personality and straightforward approach,” Eliza explained. Looking back, she feels that having outside help was key in her family’s successful transition. “The best advice I can give someone who is embarking on the journey to move to France is to seek assistance. I truly believe it’s not something you should do on your own. Having a guide walking alongside every step of the way has taken so much stress out of the process. It doesn’t always mean it will be easy or perfect but it’s so wonderful to know you have Allison and her team alongside you to listen, support you and find the solutions you need.” 

Now settled into their new French life, Eliza and her family are soaking in every moment. “We’re absolutely loving the kids’ school and watching them embrace a new language and culture.” The accessibility and affordability of the kids’ activities and the warmth of the community has helped the entire family feel welcomed and supported in their new home. Plus, as a wellness guru, Eliza says that she feels like she is in an absolute haven of wellness and incredible food culture. “We feel so good knowing that we are embarking on a healthier lifestyle here, physically and emotionally.”

Reflecting on her experience with Your Franceformation, Eliza highlighted the three biggest perks – less stress, more support, and a well-organized process. “I would highly recommend your services to anyone who is relocating to France whether for retirement or to start a business.”

A heartfelt thank you to Eliza for her kind words! We very much enjoyed helping her family embark on their French adventure!

Eliza Bacot is the founder of The Organic South, a wellness and functional health services business. Find out more at www.theorganicsouth.com 

You can also follow Eliza on Instagram for wellness tips and posts about life in France at @theorganicsouth