In episode 74 of Profiles in Franceformation, my guest is Sophie Hargreaves, owner of La Petite Ferme d’Alpaga – a small alpaca farm in Sanzay, located in the Deux Sèvres in the western French countryside. Sophie, along with her husband Will, moved to France to start their alpaca farm in the period between COVID and Brexit. They are now the proud parents of a small herd of alpacas and, more recently, one human child.

La Petite Ferme d’Alpaga welcomes guests and parties, has an on-site gîte, offers glamping experiences, and also sells gorgeous products made from soft alpaca wool.

In this episode, Sophie discusses:

💜 How she and her husband came up with the idea of starting an alpaca farm in France

💜 Their experience of setting up a business in France

💜 Becoming a parent in France

💜 Fun French food traditions

💜 The importance of learning the language of one’s adopted country

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