In episode 72 of Profiles in Franceformation my guest is Michael Yuille, a British financial advisor living in the south of France near Toulouse.  After deciding to move to France with his family, Michael became aware of the many challenges people face when trying to do retirement and financial planning while living abroad. 

British and American clients, and clients of other nationalities, struggle to understand the financial and tax implications of their move, and strict regulations normally prohibit financial advisors from working outside of their own country withoutn Special Certifications. In this episode, we’ll discuss the most important aspects of financial planning for an overseas move, and Michael, who is certified in France, the UK, and the US, can help.

You will also hear:

💜 Why they ended up moving to France?

💜 What led Michael to helping people with their finances

💜 How ‘Hand holding’ helped him with relocating to France

💜What you can put in place before you move to France to help protect your finances

💜 How to avoid costly mistakes

💜 What Michael’s top 3 tips are for people before they move to France

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