Welcome to episode 68 of Profiles in Franceformation. I’m your host, Allison Grant Lounes, and this week my guest is Fabricio Carminati, a real estate agent and creator of French Riviera House Hunting. His goal is to help English-speaking property hunters find the right property and navigate the process of buying their new home in France with ease.

Fabricio talks about:

  • How he started helping Americans find their dream homes in France
  • How the buying process works
  • What there is to offer in the French Riviera
  • Handy hints and tips to help you purchase your dream home in France. 

To find out more about French Riviera House Hunting, you can find all the details here: https://linktr.ee/frenchrivierahousehunting

If you are considering moving to France, Foolproof French Visas can help you navigate the path toward finding the right visa for you. It can be purchased here: http://www.yourfranceformation.com/books or in paperback on Amazon.

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