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 Some of this month’s questions include:


❓What if I can’t meet income requirements after first year for Artisanal?

❓Can a legal extended stay in France lead to citizenship and if so, how? And how long will that take? I’m a US citizen, no EU citizen status or family members in France, only Italy.

❓How many months of international health insurance should we plan to have, considering that we can’t even apply for our cartes vitale until we have lived in France for 3 months?

❓I am officially retiring in USA and I want to retire to France but most likely I will be doing some form of remote work on a part time basis, should I just get a retirement visa/profession liberal or is France moving towards a Digital Nomad type visa like other European countries?

❓I am unsure as to what type of visa is best for me. I am a retired school teacher. My only daughter is a dual French-American citizen and expecting her second child. I want to be able to come in and go without the 90 day within 180 day restriction.

❓How do I bring a car over to France?

❓Can you apply for a visa for work once you’ve gotten a job in France? Or do you ha e to come back to the United States?

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