Introduction: Welcome to episode 65 of Profiles in Franceformation. This week’s guest is Robynne Pendariès, a professional organizer and ADHD coach who found her calling after joining Message, the Paris-based group for English-speaking parents in France. Robynne followed love to Paris after school and discovered her knack for organizing during the early years of motherhood. She is involved with many groups and associations in Paris, including Message and AAWE, the Association of American Women in Europe, and Cancer Support France. She has also created an excellent organizational resource and checklist for international couples that will be useful for anyone living in France.

AAWE: www.aaweparis.org
Message Paris: www.messageparis.org
Cancer Support France: http://paris.cancersupportfrance.org/paris-home

Instagram: @robynnependaries
T‌o receive Robynne’s “Checklist To Complete LONG Before You Need It”, send an e-mail to robynnependaries@noos.fr