Welcome to Episode 62 of Profiles in Franceformation! This week, my guest is Marta Hobbs, author of Unraveling: A Woman’s Search for Freedom and the Journey of Coming Home, a memoir about her spiritual healing journey. Marta has been an immigrant twice, in very different circumstances. The first time, she was a young girl fleeing communist Poland in a cloak-and-dagger operation, and she arrived in the unwelcoming city of New York, not speaking a word of English, to compound the trauma of escaping by abandoning herself and her identity to fit in and become American. The second time, after creating outward business and family success, she moved to Paris by choice. And once she arrived, with financial security, and distance, and space, everything started to unravel. I am delighted that Marta was willing to share her beautiful story of healing, and I encourage you to read her book.

You can purchase her book on Amazon: Unraveling: A Woman’s Search for Freedom and the Journey of Coming Home
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Marta’s website: www.martahobbs.com
Instagram: @martahobbs