I am an American citizen, my husband is a French citizen who has been in the U.S. for 12 years. We are moving to France this summer and he has a job lined up at a university. I will not be working. At what point can I apply for PUMA? I keep seeing conflicting information about when spouses can apply (ie: before or after I have been there for three months)The Monthly Q&A with Allison Grant Lounes allows you to ask questions and learn about how to move to France. Q&As are free and held monthly on the first Monday of every month via zoom (and the following Monday in case of a holiday).

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This week’s questions include:

We have a question about the medical certificate. We had our examinations/x-rays on Friday, February 24. We each received two certificates, one for our records and the other for the prefecture. The office did not have specific instructions about how to submit to the prefecture. Upon reviewing the paperwork from the VLS-TS long stay visa validation registration, it appears we will not submit this medical certificate to the prefecture until we apply to renew our current visa at the end of this year. Is that correct? It seems odd to not submit the document now and verify that we completed this compulsory visit.

What is the insurance requirement for student visa over age 28?  I’ve seen something about catastrophic travel, medical, repatriation, civil liability, but I seem to find conflicting info and not much on the subject of age as a factor.

I keep having technical issues with French Visas sites. I uploaded all of my supporting documents a few weeks ago (so I’d be ready to submit as soon as I received confirmation from EEF for student visa) and they have since disappeared and I no longer have the option to upload any. So I created a new application and it is not giving me any option to upload any supporting documents. Will this slow down my student visa?  My flight is in 3 weeks so I’m concerned about doing everything I can to increase the chance for speed.

We are planning on moving to France in 2024 and selling our house. What are some recommendations you have for what we need to do to prepare for our move?

As far as driving there are we allowed to use our CA drivers license and for how long?

How do I apply for a long stay visa? I live in NY but own an apt in Paris

Would you please do a high level review of the steps and requirements to sign up  for and receive healthcare once the visa is approved and arriving in France?

For the prof libérale visa, current employer will become my client. Will a letter from them saying they’ll pay me X dollars per hour suffice? Any other info they need to include?

For prof libérale visa, I have hubby and 3 kids coming with. Do I need proof of health insurance for all of them since they’d be visitor visa? (I don’t need health insurance proof, right?)

If we own an apartment in France and go to France 2 or 3 times in a year, but total days in any 6 month period is less than 90 days then can we use a tourist visa and also avoid being French residents for tax purposes?

What banks are allowing Americans to open accounts?  Our bank closed our account a few years ago saying all of the Société Générale group had decided not to have American customers because of FACTA and we are looking for a new bank.

I only need the health insurance portion to start applying for my Visa on line. Are there any companies that others have used that are recommended?

Can I do the online application on my ipad?  I do not own a desktop computer. 

Does one need a lawyer to get a 1-year visa, as a visitor or as an artist? What are the chances of getting a 1-year visa if you try it without a lawyer?

What bank is the best to have an account that can be accessed in France and the US and transfer funds between countries with no or little charge? Also a reference to any international accounting firms that can advise about taxes?

My husband and I have military retirements which give us the ability not to have to work, we have a small business (coaching practice) where we conduct business via Zoom, and we have three school age kids who all have been exposed to French via French immersion programs in school.  I speak conversational French but my husband doesn’t speak a word. We would like to move to France for the culture and mentality of the people; however, we have no idea how to go about doing it. How do you do it?

I’m waiting for the favourable decision from my prefecture. I signed a contract with a company in France which starts on 1st march and now I don’t have the required visa. I tired to contact the prefecture but no luck yet. What can I do?

Is the entrepreneur/profession liberale visa obtainable if an individual is self employed through a remote/digital business with no business ties to France?

Would it be possible to obtain the entrepreneur/profession liberale visa as a self employed person with a remote business (and no French business relationships) in addition to providing a business plan for starting a business in France- that would contribute directly to the French economy?

Do you help with finding an apt.?

What is the price to attend Bloom Where You Are Planted in the autumn 2023 at the American Church and is a reservation required, if so, how far in advance?

My husband and I have income from 3 jobs in USA that can be done remotely (Stock photo photography, lending, and real estate sales).  We want to start a business in South of France to offer real estate photography and tourist photography services.  Is there a self employment visa we can each get for the new photography business so we can live and work in France, and still keep our remote income stream? We can’t make the move without keeping the remote income, so we want to continue those income streams while transitioning to real estate photography which could take a year or so to become established.

How to move my visa to a more permanent longer term. Tired of renewing every year.

I keep renewing my long stay visa, but I want something longer term and I am not sure what I need to do.

I want to retire (65+) in France and my income will meet the minimum requirements, but I will still need to work part time and I would like to do some type of remote work (in US). Is this even feasible?

Can you advise on an arrondissement to live?  Or, if it is the suburbs area, which suburb would you recommend?

Can you please discuss French estate taxes? When does French residency begin?

Taxes- as US citizens with no income in France or Europe, will we have to pay US taxes?

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