Introduction: Welcome to Episode 59 of Profiles in Franceformation! I’m your host, Allison Grant Lounes, and this week, I’m speaking with Charlotte King, my friend, an art history and wine expert, and the co-owner of two companies in France. Bacchus and Clio offers customized tours of France focusing on wine, gastronomy, and French history and culture, while Kira Consultants offers trainings on food and wine to professionals in the restauarant industry. Charlotte moved to France at the same time as me, and we sang in choirs together in Paris while she explored various careers, from teaching at the university level, to becoming an art history tour guide at the Louvre, to working as an interpreter in the wine department at Le Cordon Bleu, where she met her business partner.

You can follow Bacchus and Clio @bacchusandclio and learn more about wine and gastronomy tourism with the God of Wine and Muse of History here: https://www.bacchusandclio.com
and Kira Wine Consultants @kira_consultants

Charlotte talks about…

  • Why she wanted to move to France and how she learned French immersed with a host family in Burgundy as a high school student
  • How she pursued various professional experiences in France, from teaching in universities to becoming a tour guide, to finally becoming a wine interpreter at Le Cordon Bleu, where she met her business partner
  • How the groups she joined, like singing with Allison in Voices and other choirs, led to professional opportunities and connected her with foreigners who had been living in France for years.
  • How she shares her ideas about wine and foods to the tourists as their first trip here in France.
  • Her journey in the wine industry that made her collaborate with the best of the best winemakers in France.
  • How she fell in love in France and her observations towards different wine companies
  • Her travel journey all over France and how it made her feel like France is still a foreign country to her even though she has already become French.
  • The  things that made her feel like she was ready to become French and what that process was like.
  • The things that motivate her to get her French citizenship.
  • The thing she does aside from work, when she finally first got here in France.

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