Introduction: Welcome to episode 57 of the Profiles in Franceformation podcast! I’m your host, Allison Grant Lounes, and this week, I’m interviewing Daniel Tostado, an American attorney who was a teaching assistant with TAPIF in La Réunion, before attending law school in France and becoming an immigration attorney registered with the Paris bar. Daniel does all kinds of things to serve the American community in France, including hosting a regular free legal clinic at the American Church in Paris, and serving with 100 Nights of Welcome, which provides refuge to homeless people in the ACP gym during the winter. Welcome, Daniel.

Daniel talks about…

  • The idea that pushed him to move to France and make a living.
  • The process of getting a seat in French Law and how he became a lawyer.
  • His inspiration of becoming a lawyer and the idea of getting into immigration law.
  • When he started learning French and how he started it.
  • The process of what kind of work he wanted and how much he expected to earn and how long he wanted to stay in France.
  • The difference between American and French immigration procedures.
  • The different challenges that he faced outside Law school.
  • The things he loved and enjoyed about living in France.
  • The advice he could give to someone who might be thinking and planning of moving to France.

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