I am an American citizen, my husband is a French citizen who has been in the U.S. for 12 years. We are moving to France this summer and he has a job lined up at a university. I will not be working. At what point can I apply for PUMA? I keep seeing conflicting information about when spouses can apply (ie: before or after I have been there for three months)The Monthly Q&A with Allison Grant Lounes allows you to ask questions and learn about how to move to France. Q&As are free and held monthly on the first Monday of every month via zoom (and the following Monday in case of a holiday).

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This week’s questions include:

When filling out the visa application, it asks for an address in France. If we have not secured housing yet for our arrival, is there another way to submit the application? Would an Airbnb booking for the first three months be sufficient?

Does the talent visa automatically give you 4 years, or is it good for 1 year to start and then has to be renewed for the full 4 once in France?

My spouse is self-employed and can work from any location. I do contract work and also can work from any location. I’d like to know if there is a Visa we would be eligible for? (We are located in US)

Do I have to do a 2 year master’s program to qualify for rece visa or could I do 1 year of intensive language studies plus a 1 year master’s program? Is there a list of masters programs that are acknowledged by the prefecture for the RECE?

I would like to do a year of intensive (20 hr/wk) French classes at FLE certified Alliance Francaise before beginning a masters program.  How likely is it that I can get a renewable VLS-TS for this scenario?  (I have a BA in French from 20 years ago so I’m rusty and ultimately my goal would be RECE so I can find a job and live in France for the foreseeable future).

I have 15 years of experience in corporate retail (buyer, planning/forecasting, supply chain, merchandising, licensing) if that impacts anything

If I submit for a renewable student visa with only my alliance francaise registration, how likely are they to give me a long sejour or visitor instead?

What is the availability of dental care in Paris?

If you have had periodontal issues, can you get deep cleanings?

I just purchased a house in Department 34.  I will not be moving to France at this time. I do plan to spend time there. I will be doing renovation work and would have need to be there more than the 90 days in every 180 days. I doubt that I would be there longer than 4 months at a time, but may make more than one trip a year. I have just returned from a 21 day trip and plan to return April 1st.  Is the Visa de long sejour temporaire visiteur the best route for me.  I will not be employed in France. I am willing to apply for this again after the first year visa expires if that is allowed.  I read that it can not be renewed. I hope that I can apply again. 

We are retirees wanting to move to France long term later this year. What is the quickest way to get on the French healthcare system?

I understand France does not have a digital nomad visa, but what is the legality of an EU citizen (with US green card) spending up to 6 months per year working remotely in France for their US employer?

Depending on the answer to above, what visa would their US spouse need to stay in France longer than the normal 90 of 180 Schengen rules allow?

I am 64 and have not yet retired. Do I need a visa if I plan to spend 3-4 months a year in France before moving there once I do retire?

How do I know what visa to apply for if I am semi retired and plan to work self employed while in France? (ie: TEFL teaching English or an online Etsy store income)

Best case scenario, how long does it typically take for a Business Visa to be approved?

What are health care options for expats?

Re insurance for family visa application: If mom is pursuing PL visa and Dad a visiteur, would we need to have the proof of insurance still, or…?

For PL visa, about how many letters (of intent) from French companies are they looking for? 2? 3? More?

Do business plans for profession liberale microentrepreneur need to be extensive? If we already have some clients lined up, can we keep it simple?

I am a wine writer and hoping that helps qualify me for a “Passeport talent”- does it?

I have a contract from a Wine Magazine located in the US – how much income do I need to prove?

What are visa options for a digital nomad ?( ie remotely working for US company but want to live in France)

What was the name of the other business visa aside from ‘Passeport talent entrepreneur’? Commersone?

What is considered a “standard requirement” for French language proficiency?  I have B1/B2 level now (mostly in reading/writing), a BA in French from college, and have been speaking with almost native proficiency for roughly 50 years

For a student visa – is there a minimum level of class time?

❓If you have a student visa, I recall you can work part time – is it possible to work part time for a US company (ie remotely)?

My last question 🙂 Can I get PACed with my BF without actually living in France yet?

What is the best way to prove domicile if you are living with in-laws? We provided their passports, a gas bill, and a letter from them, but that was not enough.  This is for my carte de sejour

How can I open a French bank account without a RIB?

I am an American citizen, my husband is a French citizen who has been in the U.S. for 12 years. We are moving to France this summer and he has a job lined up at a university. I will not be working. At what point can I apply for PUMA? I keep seeing conflicting information about when spouses can apply (ie: before or after I have been there for three months)

I very occasionally do some consulting or continuing education lectures. In the US, I don’t get taxed on this because the income is very little since it is just a few times a year. I will be on a VPF so I can work in France, but from a tax standpoint can I do this? Or do I have to set up a business if I am making any income at all?

How do the Passeport Talent’s Profession Artistique and Personne de Renommée visas differ?

Under the Passeport Talent visa, are there limits on how much time we can spend OUTSIDE of France (i.e., back in the USA) and still maintain our visa? What about maintaining French Health insurance coverage?

According to my friends, my wife, and my children, I am a different person when I speak French. 🙂

What visas are available to 1099 contract employees?

I am a French citizen living in the USA an moving back later this year.  Can I apply for French insurance while in the states, or do I have to wait the 3 months after moving to France

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