Welcome to episode 56 of the Profiles in Franceformation podcast! This week, I’m interviewing Maquita Guild-Schwarz, a retired pediatrician who moved to Montpellier, France, with her husband in 1998 after living in Nairobi, Kenya, and 5 other countries. Throughout her time in France, Maquita has joined several volunteer organizations, such as the American Women’s Group, Restos Bébés du Coeur, and Cancer Support France.

Restos Bébé du Coeur Montpellier

Cancer Support France

Maquita talks about…

  • The reasons behind her decision to move to France after having lived in many different places, and how she and her husband chose to settle in Montpelier.
  • How she fell in love in France and her observations towards the people of France and the beauty of it.
  • How she learned French before they totally settled in Montpelier.
  • The places she visited when she first arrived in France and how she enjoyed it so much.
  • The kind of things she does to get integrated and how she becomes part of the community, where or how she learned her French Speaking. Basically, how she and her husband build their life together here in France.
  • The hardships they encountered when they first got here in France and how they overcame it. And to whom they look for help at those times.
  • The reasons behind achieving French citizenship.
  • The basic assumptions in life and the culture shock she encountered.
  • Her involvement with groups such as the American Women’s Group, Cancer Support France, and Restos Bébés du Coeur.

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