Welcome to Episode #55 of Profiles in Franceformation, I’m your host, Allison Grant Lounes and in this episode, I’m speaking with Kylie Lang, a British copywriter, author, and amateur line dancer who lives in the Charente region, and who runs Life in Rural France on Facebook and Instagram. 

Kylie talks about…

  • The reasoning behind her decision to move to France after having lived in many different places, and how she and her husband chose to settle in Charentes
  • Her experience of purchasing a home in France and how that experience compared to previously purchasing a property in Australia
  • Adjusting to the different of the pace of life when living in France
  • Integrating into the local culture in rural France and what she has come to love in her new hometown
  • Her online business and the process of moving it from the UK to France
  • The local group she joined to better integrate into her local community
  • Her goals for 2023 and what she plans to accomplish in her professional life
  • What she typically orders in a French restaurant
  • The thing she enjoys most about her French home and what she finds most annoying
  • Favorite places to visit within her region of France, as well as other regions
  • Her advice for anyone wishing to move to France

To follow Kylie and her adventures in the rural countryside of France, check out her Facebook and Instagram accounts here:
Instagram: @lifeinruralfrance

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