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This week’s questions include:

So for an EU citizen, she can just move and apply for social security – even before finding a job? She’s an entrepreneur, how to declare her work and start paying taxes etc?

Did you say that there is no capital gains in France on a primary residence when it’s sold? Asking because if my brother loaned me the money to buy an apartment in Paris, would there be capital gains if it was sold, say 10-15 years down the road?

I have a French driver’s license that is valid until 2032 (from previously living in France). I am assuming that even though I’ve been stateside for 3 years, I’ll be able to keep using my French license once I’m back, yes? (Until it expires) Surely it’s still valid even though I don’t currently live in France?

I am an immigrant, already living in France for several years. I am on my second long term 4-year visa (passeport talent status) and have a great and stable CDI job. I am engaged to a German woman who lives in Germany. Will it be hard for her to relocate to France? Should we get married before or after she moves? And how can she enter the French system (and get a social security) in order to be able to legally work in France, etc? Thank you!

Do you also help people with applying for French citizenship?

Are student visas always issued for 12 months or is it possible they are issued for 6 months depending on the program length

The organization I will be working at in Paris is writing me a note verbale for a work authorization. It is a contract for 6 months with the possibility to be extended. I was looking at the France-visas visa wizard and based on that, it seems like my category falls under “recruitment of workers” and the supporting documents are the work authorization, contract, and a diploma. Is that really it or should I also be submitting my proof of accommodation, travel health insurance, etc. is there any additional information you recommend I should be providing? Thank you!

I understand that retirement income taxed in the US is not subject to taxation in France even though you have to report it on your French tax return. However, after your initial 3 months of living in France, I’m told that you can apply to join the French healthcare system. I naturally assume this is not free, even to retirees, and that you would therefore have to make some kind of regular payments in France as you would for Social Security in the US, so how is this calculated?

Can a U.S. Citizen who was born in Paris obtain French Citizenship?  I want to be a dual

If we get a retiree visa, it has to be renewed yearly, correct?

Did I read correctly that with retiree visas that you are not eligible for the 5 or 10 year “permanent resident” card? 

What services do you offer?

We bought a house, moving permanently, retired.  What visa?  Thank you

Would someone pursuing an auto-entrepreneur/profession libérale visa be allowed to deduct business expenses? And if so, could we list your Business Incubator course as a business expense? I feel like it’s valid (for the success of the business!) but just curious if anyone has ever asked about that or considered it. 

Is it easier for my parents to retire in France if I am already a permanent resident?

Do my parents still have to pay into SS in the US if they come to live here in france on a resident visa? 

What is the requirement to bring pets into the country? And do the requirements differ depending on the animal? I have a house cat, ie, Maude the Super Cat, 

I’m a US citizen and independent contractor, ie., I work from home, and am moving to France in 2023. What are the visa requirements to stay in France indefinitely for someone such as myself?

I am interested in a study abroad program for my daughter

Eventually (in 2-3 years) we would like to retire to France, and open a Gite. Can you help with that?

Once I’ve obtained my visa and moved to France, are there restrictions on leaving France/returning to the U.S.?   For example, would I be able to travel to care for a sick family member and remain out of France for 2 to 4 weeks?  Thank you, and Happy New Year!

I have had a LSTV which I renew every year. I want to get something more permanent. How do I do this? Thanks

Since I was born in France, can I get a French passport?

So to get started, what is THE very first procedure to start?

As an American, where & at what point in time do I start to apply for Visa, being age 65 does it matter what I do compared to a much younger person. I am on Soc.Sec. & am a artist selling my art online on sites. Thank you!

What is needed or is it difficult to telework for American company in France?

I keep hearing it’s almost impossible to find a job in France. Is that true? 

I am looking to move to  France,  I work remotely and have a  side online business. I need to know what kind of visa will  I need and how long will it take to get it. I want to move by the end of 2023.

❓What steps and documents do I need to have before the appointment, and I am in SF California, where do I go for an appointment near me?

We renew annually. What do I need to do to get a longer term visa?

I live in Georgia and hold a GA driver’s license. I will change my address to Florida for banking etc. to my family member’s address. Do you think it would be helpful to get a Florida driver’s license right before I move to France? I am married with a French and will apply my visa before changing my address to Florida. Would that cause a problem when I apply for a driver’s license in France?

We will be moving to France in March. I am a US citizen and my wife is French and we have our French marriage book.  How long does it take to receive a visa? Would it be late to apply in December for March visa?

Do you recommend keeping your US health insurance while living in France? How are you covered when you return to the States for visits? 

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