Welcome to Episode #52 of Profiles in Franceformation! I’m your host, Allison Grant Lounes, and this week, I’m speaking with Laura McIntyre, an Arkansas native who left corporate America to follow her dream of moving to Paris. After deciding to stay, Laura changed from a visitor status to a profession libérale visa status and put her passion for helping others discover Paris to work, by starting a business helping people find and furnish their dream home here.

Just a reminder, this is the last episode of the 2022 season, and we’ll be back on Wednesday, January 4 with another episode about following your dream to create your new life in France. Happy Holidays from the Franceformation team, and we wish you a happy and healthy new year 2023.

Laura and I discuss…

  • Why she first wanted to move to Paris
  • Her experience obtaining a visa and opening her business in Paris
  • How she integrated into local Parisian life and culture
  • The challenges of trying to rent an apartment as an expat in Paris
  • Her process of helping clients, catering to their needs and what sort of assistance they are looking for
  • How her business changed during the COVID outbreak
  • What she enjoys most about living in France and the French culture
  • The things she really misses about the US, and what sort of items she takes back to friends and family when she returns to the US
  • Her advice for anyone wishing to move to France

To learn more about Laura’s business, check out her website: https://move2paris.com/ 

If you are considering moving to France like Laura, Foolproof French Visas can help you navigate the path toward finding the right visa for you. It can be purchased here: http://www.yourfranceformation.com/books or in paperback on Amazon. 

If you would like to pursue your own Franceformation, you can also request a free 30-minute clarity call with Allison to review your visa options and decide how to move toward creating your ideal life in France: http://www.yourfranceformation.com/free-call     

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