This week, I’m interviewing Dennis Roberts, a psychologist with the Paris Psychology Center who moved to France in August 2021 from Chicago with his spouse and two big dogs. He’s certified in the UK and 5 US states, and in the process of working on his Profession Libérale visa application, he used Foolproof French Visas as a guide, and also went through the process of becoming a certified psychologue in France with an ADELI number to treat patients through the French healthcare system. He now serves the English speaking community in Paris and would like to encourage other English-speaking licensed psychologists to take the leap as well. 


We discuss:

  • The “joke that he took to far” that motivated him to move to Paris
  • His experience applying for a visa during the COVID pandemic and how using Foolproof French Visas paid off during the visa application process
  • The process of having his doctorate of psychology recognized in France in order to practice in France
  • The different types of counseling and degrees recognized in France, from psychologue to psychotherapeute to psychopracticien 
  • The difficulties and mental health challenges people can face when they move abroad or are adjusting to life here, and how it can be helpful to discuss these things with professionals who know what’s normal and can guide you through them
  • The types of help Dennis sought out from experienced professionals through reading Foolproof French Visas and also through connecting to other English-speaking psychologists in France who could give advice
  • The mindset to adopt while observing different cultural practices and getting used to how things work differently in France
  • The rare opportunity to change and grow as a person that moving abroad and learning a new language can bring.
  • How it’s normal to want to integrate but to also want to have comforts from home.
  • And more…


If you are considering moving to France like Dennis, Foolproof French Visas can help you navigate the path toward finding the right visa for you. It can be purchased here: http://www.yourfranceformation.com/books or in paperback on Amazon. 

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