Welcome to Episode #48 of Profiles in Franceformation. I’m your host, Allison Grant Lounes, and this week, I’m speaking with one of our Franceformation clients, Vashti Joseph. Vashti grew up in Puerto Rico, lived in the DC area and the UK, and has had several C-suite positions in startup companies before deciding to launch her own business and fulfill her lifelong dream of moving to France. After discovering the benefits of Irish sea moss, she moved to France with a Passeport Talent Entrepreneur visa to launch Emerald Coast Beauty, an organic beauty brand that makes products with fewer than 6 ingredients.

Vashti also tells us about…

  • Her plan to move to Paris that began as a young child and what made her decide she was finally ready to move to Paris as an adult
  • The desire for her daughter to learn French and to be educated in the French school system, and what her experience has been like since starting school in Paris
  • How something as simple as water can be so different between the US and France, in restaurants, in the beauty industry, in schools too
  • The motivation to start her company, Emerald Coast Beauty, and the importance of using quality products
  • What she loves about living in France
  • Her experience working with Allison and the Franceformation team
  • Some of the challenges she has gone through while establishing her business in France
  • Differences between costs in the US compared to France, especially medications, doctors appointments and sales tax
  • What things she misses about the US
  • Her advice to anyone wishing to move to France

To reference the two websites that Allison mentions for verifying the ingredients in sunscreen, you can check out the following links: https://www.quechoisir.org/ and https://www.60millions-mag.com/ 

About Emerald Coast Beauty as told by Vashti: Emerald Coast Beauty is a small beauty brand that sources organic and natural products that are backed with real data and certifications, and comes from farmers I know and have visited personally. All of our products will have only 6 ingredients or less. We’re all about hand-harvesting, sustainable farming, recycling, and supporting women-owned businesses. We want to make sure you get a good product that you can trust to put on your body without worrying about what it’s doing to the environment or your health.

Link to their Etsy shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/EmeraldCoastFrance   

Promo code for our listeners is “FRANCE”: https://www.etsy.com/shop/EmeraldCoastFrance?coupon=FRANCE 

Instagram: @emeraldcoastfrance

Twitter: EmeraldCoastFR

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