Welcome to Episode #47 of Profiles in Franceformation, I’m your host Allison Grant Lounes and in this week’s episode, I’m speaking with Sarah Donnelly, a standup comedian who moved to Paris in 2012 and who has been finding the humor in the bureaucracy ever since. Her current show, The Only American In Paris, is at Théâtre Bo, near République, and is hilarious for all of us who have experienced moving to France, navigating French bureaucracy, and making friends with the French as we create our new lives here.

We learn…

  • What originally brought Sarah to Paris and what her plans were once she arrived
  • How Sarah found a community of friends in Paris
  • Differences between French and American cultures that can pose a bit of challenges when making new French friends
  • How Sarah started her career as a comedian and what sort of administrative challenges she experienced when starting her production company in France
  • What transpired that made Sarah want to pursue obtaining French nationality
  • Sarah’s experience raising binational children and their experience in the French school system
  • Why Sarah hasn’t adjusted to celebrating Christmas the French way despite living in Paris for many years
  • Her advice for anyone wishing to move to France

As mentioned in this episode, you can purchase tickets to Sarah’s upcoming shows at: https://billetterie.theatrebo.fr/events/423 

Check out Sarah’s website and social media accounts at:

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