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This week’s questions include:

❓Understanding that one can’t work in in France on a long stay visitor visa. Can one be an investor (silent partner or otherwise) in a French small business? No intention of actually working at/in said business. Many thanks!

❓If I am planning to spend at least a year in Paris, and might possibly get married in that same time frame, and I want to do freelance photography for income, what is the best option for me?

❓How much money would I need to have in a bank account for the French administration to grant my request for a long stay visa? For one year? For 5 years?

❓I am studying on VLS-TS student which I have fully registered it online & have the confirmation documents generated from the online registration. Since the visa is multi, I assume I can travel for December & return easily with my documents. However, during the period of renewal is this the same situation as long as have documentation of the renewal having been submitted ?

❓If I am planning to apply for the RECE visa after the second year of Master’s approximately August 2024, what are the most important factors to consider and ensure for this status change? What if I don’t have my diploma in hand on August but my student visa expires in September 2024?

❓If I may want to move apartments either this summer or next in July/August would it be better to do it this summer while still on student visa or still feasible in 2024 as long as have new address in time for the RECE application. How soon must it be done the change? Can we stay in the months between end of student visa/diploma and the full review of the RECE application (just not travel outside of France)?

❓If I receive a VLT-TS visa commencing on or about May 13, 2023, but wish to make an earlier short visit (one week) in April on a regular tourist visa, does that complicate things in any way? Don’t want to cause problems with our longer term residency starting in May.

❓What documents do you need to get a French driver’s license if you don’t have reciprocity? Do you need documents from everywhere you’ve had a license?

❓How can you find out if your prescription medications are available in France?

❓I know you’ve probably had this question a million times but how strict are they regarding the income for a visitor long stay visa? I am purchasing a home and am retired.

❓How long does it take to get a freelance business set up? (I don’t know if it matters, but I’d be arriving on a visa connected to my husband’s passeport talent/CDI, so my visa wouldn’t be dependent on freelancing.)

If we rent for three months while we house-hunt (and secure a long-term visa during that time), and we close on a home within a year of our arrival, can we move directly into our new home (assuming we’re buying outright without a mortgage)?  Or do we have to wait a set amount of time?

If we migrate our online businesses to France, do we need a business visa, or will a visitor or retirement visa be enough?

What visa to apply to if I have a 2nd home in France and want to be there about 6 months each year.  I also have a book published in France and would love to be able to do occasional small concerts there. I am 71 and am retired here in the US.

We are retired, with a new home in France, and want to live in France for up to 6 months every year for many years with the freedom to choose which months each year. Is the titre de séjour temporaire the best option for us? That would be cheaper and more flexible than applying annually in the USA for a visa de long séjour.

Is it possible to visit France without a visa for a stay of less than 90/180 days and then continue our stay on a VLS/TS, assuming we can get the VLS/TS processed in the USA before our trip to France? (This would allow us to select our preferred month for the annual renewal of a titre de séjour.)

My partner is a photographer for 20 years. We’re considering moving on an artist visa. Does that sound possible?

I didn’t work too many hours and followed all the rules for 5 years. Why was I refused a 10 year resident card and given a “titre de séjour travailleur temporaire?” What is my recourse? I sent a letter to the prefecture asking why and never received a reply. There’s a rule in France that a 4 month sans response is an implicit refusal and I have legal grounds to pursue. I don’t understand the 4 month rule nor what steps to take to pursue legal action.

Why was the law changed in 2018 to make it so that legal foreign born workers holding travailleur temporaire cards don’t have the same rights as other workers in France even though all workers pay taxes and social charges. Travailleur temporaire cards are given for all kinds of high level workers with consecutive yearly contracts but these workers have no rights to pole emploi nor other social monies they’ve contributed to. Why is that and do you know if there’s any talk of this unethical law being changed?

If I owned a French property with a separate space to rent as a short term rental, would a Non-Work visa allow me to do so?

Are there such a thing as “continuing care retirement facilities in France?  What are the entry and monthly fees

After my student visa is up, how much time will I have to look for a job if I decide to stay?

How can I book a 30 minute consultation with you?

What websites do you recommend for home rentals and sales?

I’m looking for summer camps for a 3 year old/nursery schools so I can enjoy myself- where do I start looking?

Regarding the rental, is the 23,000 Euro an annual limit?

I am an American citizen with a 2nd home in France and a published book in France. I would like to obtain either an artist visa or a longer stay tourist visa. Which would be best as I will be doing author book tours and some concerts.

“The 90/180 day allowance runs in parallel with the visa system and is completely separate from it. Thus, once a person has a French visa, their 90-day limit is suspended for the duration of their permitted stay. The number of days in France on the visa are not counted for purposes of the 90-day rule.”

Once we have relocated to France, how often do we have to renew our visas? How long in advance of the visa expiration date do we have to begin the process?

If we’re collecting US Social Security (and paying US taxes on that and other income), does that disqualify us from accessing the French health care system?

leboncoin has fairly lately started requiring 2 factor authentication.  It only accepts French numbers….know any way to manage having a French number when you’re still in the states.

My partner and I have been together for 5 years, I am American and he is French. We got PACs in October 2020 and we are splitting our time between NYC and Paris.  He works for AirFrance so by being PACs I have his flying privileges, which makes flying back and forth easy (of course not residing more than 183 days). We passed the 2 year mark of being PACs which we read qualifies me to apply for the Carte Sejour. I am getting ready to move to France next year and need a work permit, can I get the Private and Family Life Visa even though I didn’t get a resident visa to begin with?

I have dual French-American citizenship and am married to an American. We live in the US and have been married for more than five years. Can she apply for her French citizenship, or must she live in France for at least four years before applying?

My partner recently bought a property in the Paris suburb of Noisy-le-Grand, but we are thinking about living in the US in the next 2 years. We want to rent it out to someone looking for a non-permanent place to live, perhaps prospective visa applicants looking for a place for 6-8 months. Do you have recommendations of where to post? Are we limited by how much we can charge to non-French citizens?

How much money do we have to show for 2 people in a family? Self employed. Does it have to be at the bank or can I show monthly income.

Visa wizard doesn’t request for FBI background check. Do we need it?

Can you estimate how long it takes to get a VLS/TS after applying thru VFS Global?


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