Welcome to Episode #46 of Profiles in Franceformation, I’m your host Allison Grant Lounes and in this week’s episode, I’m speaking with Kate Plummer. Kate, and her husband Marc, are full time senior Yoga teachers who lived and worked in Cheltenham, England for ten years. They bought a house in France 5 years ago with a view to retiring there in 10-15 years’ time. A chance conversation with their business mentor a year later led to a late night “what if” conversation. Three months later, they had sold up in England and were living full time in France! They are now based in rural Deux Sèvres with their rescue dog, Brock. When they’re not renovating their 200 year old stone farmhouse or negotiating with the French administration, they still teach Yoga full time. However, if you have an idea of what a Yoga teacher should be, you’ll probably find they don’t conform to it and their teaching style reflects this. Their classes are fun and accessible to all whether you can touch your toes or not!

Kate also talks about…

  • What happened after making the decision to move to France
  • The challenges she and Marc faced when starting their business in France
  • How COVID affected their yoga business
  • What she and Marc have done to integrate and get involved in their local community
  • How their hobby has opened doors for them to learn more about French culture and family life
  • Some of the administrative challenges they experienced, especially due to Brexit
  • The places she has visited within France
  • What she enjoys most about living in France
  • Things she will probably never understand or come to terms with in French culture
  • Her favorite French foods and patisserie treats
  • The advice she would offer to anyone wishing to move to France

To learn more about Kate and Marc’s yoga classes, check out their website and Instagram account linked here:

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