Welcome to Episode #44 of Profiles in Franceformation, I’m your host Allison Grant Lounes and today I’m speaking with Mallory Nettleton, who inexplicably fell in love with France as a child, before ever setting foot on its soil. This love was cemented when she and her husband, Ben first visited in 2010 and has continued to grow into a passion over the years. They vowed to move to France one day and finally achieved that dream in March 2022. As serial entrepreneurs, they are now building a multi-day tour company called France of a Lifetime to share their love for all things French with others. Besides France, Mallory is also passionate about photography, history, animals, writing, uplifting others, and spiritual practices including meditation, yoga, and crystal singing bowls. She writes about their experiences moving to and living in France on their France of a Lifetime Facebook page and soon-to-be completed website.

In this episode, we’ll also hear:

  • Why Mallory fell in love with France at a young age and what made her decide to move to France
  • The different business ideas Mallory and her husband thought of bringing to France
  • How she decided to move to the Loire region of France
  • The various steps she and Allison went through when planning her tour guide business
  • How Mallory decided to choose working with Allison and the Franceformation team when planning her move to France
  • Her experience applying for a visa and what challenges she faced throughout that process
  • What she and her husband have been doing since arriving in France
  • Some of her favorite places and chateaux to visit
  • Mallory’s experience discovering French wine and foods
  • What other regions of France she has visited beyond her home region of Loire
  • Her advice to anyone wishing to visit France and also for those wishing to move to France like she did

Check out France of a Lifetime Tours on Instagram: @franceofalifetime and on Facebook: www.facebook.com/FranceofaLifetime 

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