Welcome to Episode #42 of Profiles in Franceformation. I’m your host Allison Grant Lounes. And this week I’m speaking with Jacqueline Reddin-Williams, an English real estate agent in the south of France who moved with her family in the nineties to François Mitterand’s childhood home. To find simplicity and quality of life while giving her children an old fashioned childhood in the French countryside. We talk about reinvention, about cherishing, the privilege of making someone’s dream of moving to France come true, and about the ins and outs of purchasing a home in France, and what you need to know before you start the process. Welcome, Jacqui.

Listen along to learn…

  • What Jacqui enjoys most about her job as a real estate agent
  • Her motivation behind moving her young family to France in the nineties and what she has loved about her time in France
  • The different quality of life Jacqui has found in the South of France, and how she explains this to her clients when looking to buy a home
  • The challenges Jacqui experienced when first arriving in France
  • Jacqui’s advice for someone who is interested in purchasing a home in France and how this experience may differ from purchasing a home in the UK or the US
  • A bit about the process of buying a home in France and how this has changed over the past few years
  • The bureaucracy involved in becoming an estate agent
  • Jacqui’s advice to someone planning to move to France

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