Welcome to Episode #41 of Profiles in Franceformation. I’m your host, Allison Grant Lounes. And this week I’m speaking with Kate Matthews, originally from the UK, moved to Paris 9 years ago to pursue her dream career as a professional dancer. She has worked at the Moulin Rouge, Cirque d’Hiver and the Lido de Paris and also gives yoga and dance classes. She transmits her passion for dance through her classes, which are designed to boost body confidence and self-worth by connecting to the femininity and sensuality of cabaret dance.

For Kate there is nowhere in the world quite like Paris- a city of beauty and magic, where dreams come true. As an adopted Parisian her favorite activity is sipping an apéro while watching the world go by.

We’ll also hear about:

  • Kate’s audition at Moulin Rouge that led to her working and dancing in Paris
  • Her experience learning French while in Paris
  • The challenges she experienced when she first moved to Paris
  • Her tough decision to leave Paris to pursue other opportunities and what eventually brought her back to Paris dancing at Lido
  • The impact Brexit has had on Kate’s ability to work and live in Europe
  • Kate’s ideas for her future career path
  • How COVID impacted Kate’s dance and yoga classes
  • The things Kate enjoys most about living in France, as well as what she dislikes
  • How often she travels back to England to see her family and what English items she brings back to France with her when she returns to Paris
  • Where she sees herself in the future
  • Her advice to anyone wishing to move to France

You can follow Kate’s adventures in Paris on her Instagram: katematthewsyoga

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