We’re two weeks into the rentrée now, and everything is picking up again. Kids have full days of school and homework, and we’re going to be very busy this year – judo, swimming, Cub Scouts, and English with the Roaming Schoolhouse for my son, and adult ice skating for me – which I haven’t done regularly since I was a teenager!

Besides the lovely smell of fresh Clairefontaine notebooks à carreaux and the excitement of thin stabilo pens, I’m eager to get to jump back into new projects. For me, the end of the summer kind of felt like too much waiting. Waiting for people to get back from vacation, waiting to have free time to dive deep into our Franceformation projects when my son went back to school, and waiting for the pumpkin spice to spruce up my coffee.

We welcomed you back with our first free Q&A of the season on Monday, and Kim and I are finally going to get to meet in person at the Bloom Where You’re Planted event at the American Church in Paris on October 8. Details are below, and we hope you’ll join us and say hello. I’ve ordered some fun swag that I can’t wait to give out.

Here’s what we have coming up for the fall: