Welcome to Episode #38 of Profiles in Franceformation. I’m your host, Allison Grant Lounes, and today I’m happy to introduce our first British guest on the podcast. Paul Herbert moved to the Dordogne region, in southern France, with his wife Julia and their three young children at the age of 40 after losing everything in the UK. In the 29 years since, he’s reinvented himself several times, starting new businesses and making local friends in his community, before an accident sparked his most recent entrepreneurial endeavor, a CBD product business. Paul also runs the large and quickly-growing Facebook group South, West, & Rest of France, which he launched during the pandemic, for people to share their love of traveling in France and support France-based small business owners. Welcome, Paul.

We’ll also hear about…

  • The challenging first few days after arriving in France and how his family adjusted to their new home
  • What led to Paul and his wife creating a new business venture, France One Call
  • Paul’s experience purchasing a publishing company
  • How an accident changed Paul’s life and eventually led to the start of his new business
  • The success of Paul’s Facebook group, South, West & Rest of France
  • How Paul and his family integrated into their new French community
  • The things that Paul enjoys most about living in France

To see Paul’s Facebook group, South, West & Rest of France, click here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/southwestfrance

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