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This week’s questions include:

❓ I am a US citizen and resident. My goal is to retire in France. I plan to come to France initially on a VLS-TS visa. I am also waiting for my German citizenship by descent hopefully by year end. People on the VLS visa say they got on the French healthcare system after 3 months residency. I have been told (not a definitive source) that an EU citizen would not be covered in France unless they were covered in Germany. I will be not covered in Germany bc I have never worked there. Therefore, should I not use my right to freedom of movement from my EU citizenship but rather retire in France as an American in order to access government healthcare? And if so, what is that process?

❓ In the recent edition of your book, you mention changes to the Profession Liberale visa – specifically that the French embassy wants applicants to have a source of French income. Does that mean we need to have French clients before applying, or does having identifiable leads on potential clients suffice? (I’m planning on converting my current position in content management/editorial strategy into a business, so will have solid income from an American source.)

❓ I’m going to be in France this winter on a tourist visa. Is it possible to apply for a profession liberale/autoentrepreneur visa while in France on a tourist visa? Or do I need to return to the United States for the appointment?

❓ What is the process of obtaining psychiatric medications once living in France as an immigrant?

❓ I’m hearing that instead of having to go to your prefecture, everything is online now, is that the case?

❓ Where can I find free French classes to improve my rudimentary skill?

❓ I have to report to my prefecture within 2 months if my visa is approved. Where exactly do I go?

❓ Do the passport talents visas still expire after 4 years, and if so, are they renewable in France? Can you talk more about how hard those are to renew?

❓ How easy and what are the requierments to get the Visa vie privée et familiale after a PACS with a french citizen. I read that it was needed to show proof of living together for a year but is that all?

❓ If I have French citizenship but my wife doesn’t, what visa does she require?

❓ I am finding it difficult to find definitive information about the requirement to provide proof of health insurance at the student visa appointment if over 28. It seems that some have been asked to provide it and some not. Apparently some VFS centers say yes it is required but there is no mention in the checklists. I was thinking I need to get it anyway to be safe but wanted to just get 6 months maybe & it seems not sure if that would satisfy what might be requested? What is your experience with insurance requirement for older students?

❓ Is it possible to start your own business (I.e. freelance writing, web copy, etc) if you‘re on a vie privé & familiale visa (due to spouse having passport talent)?

❓ Combien de temps après la signature du compromis (13/07) au déménagement dans mon nouveau appartement ?

❓ Hello. My wife and I are starting an online business (a general partnership) in order to secure our visas. What type of visa will my 14-year-old son need, and how do we apply for it? Thanks in advance!

❓ We are having trouble finding an Airbnb in Palaiseau for our expected arrival in October. Do we have to be in the exact prefecture for arrival or can we stay in another town close by until we secure a one year lease in the town?

❓ Do we need to leave a US bank account open if my husband is receiving direct deposit through social security?

❓ If I reside in France should I base my business in France or the USA if my business is all virtual. (No physical products.) I’ve just become aware that with many organizations, you are not allowed to use a virtual mailbox as your business location. (Paypal, etc.)

❓ Is it easy/possible to come to france on a long stay tourism visa and then switch to a student visa? My boyfriend wants to come in December to look for schools and apply and would only need the student visa to start in September 2023 but wants to stay in france from December to September (he’s american i’m french)

❓ I’m getting ready to put in an offer on an existing gîte complex that has a record of meeting the 23K euro + income that will be required. I’ll be applying for the entrepreneur visa. I’ll be hiring you to help in the visa process/business plan. I’m scared of purchasing the property then not being able to get the required visa to start my path towards residency. I’ll still have alimony income from US that’s far more than minimum wage in France in addition to gîte income. I feel like I have a solid profile to submit for visa. The purchase process will begin in August but I don’t plan on the move until June 2023. But What happens if I don’t get the visa? How likely is it that such a scenario will result in me being granted an entrepreneur visa? Merci beaucoup!

❓ How long does it take these days to acquire an entrepreneur visa? If I start now and submit by September do you think a June 2023 move date is viable? Also my son is currently 16, plans on making the permanent move to France when he’s 18 and finished high school but would be spending vacations in France with me starting summer 2023 ( if all goes according to plan)… should I apply for his visa at the same time as mine, with him as my minor child, or wait until 2024 when he’s ready for the permanent move but an adult? Merci!

❓ Why is property in Provence so affordable compared to New York? Is there a catch?

❓ Can I work on my New York based business remotely while in Provence on a Visitor Visa?

❓ How hard is it to switch from an autoentrepreneur business type to profession liberale as your business grows?

❓ If spouse is applying for talent passport visa and I want to do prof. Libérale to have my own writing business, do I need to apply for that at same time, or just have “vie privé & familiale” and register as auto-entrepreneur once in France? Do they consider both incomes when evaluating that, or how does that work?

❓ What is the minimum income requirement for a family of three with both parents on auto-entrepreuner visas?

❓ Do they consider both incomes when evaluating that, or how does that work?

❓ Do you have a link for information about taxes on income over the 40k mark as you mentioned?

❓ I have never received my deed for my apartment and my notaire blames it on slow due to covid. where can I check for a copy. it was June 2020.

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