Welcome to Episode 37 of Profiles in Franceformation. I’m your host Allison Grant Lounes, and in this episode, my guest is Caroline Connor, also known as Wine Dine Caroline, a Lyon-based British American wine expert, who went from winning the Oxford-Cambridge Blind Wine Tasting Competition when she was in school to starting a career in food and wine in France, becoming a WSET level 4 while sharing her passion for France’s wine industry. Caroline is currently sharing her passion for gourmet food and fine wine by hosting the Terroir Podcast, running wine tastings in Lyon and organizing a week-long gastronomy and wine retreat, to invite us to experience France’s food and wine capital in style.

In this conversation with Caroline we’ll learn about:

  • What brought her to Lyon and how she first began her business in the wine industry
  • What tourists can expect when visiting Lyon or joining a culinary or wine tour in Lyon
  • Caroline’s tip for dining more affordably at a Michelin star restaurant
  • The culinary world of Lyon
  • The importance of terroir and what it can mean for a food or wine
  • How Caroline likes to teach others about wine through comparative wine tasting
  • What launched Caroline’s career in 2009
  • Caroline’s reasons as to why she enjoys living in France so much
  • The sustainability of local French wine and produce
  • What challenges Caroline has faced since moving to France and establishing her life in Lyon
  • Caroline’s recommendations for someone planning to visit Lyon and her advice for anyone planning to move to France

To visit Caroline’s website or social media pages, please use the following links:
Instagram: @winedinecaroline
Facebook: Wine Dine Caroline
YouTube: WineDineCaroline
Pinterest: Wine Dine Caroline
The Terroir Podcast: https://www.winedinecaroline.com/podcast 

If you’re interested in signing up for Caroline’s retreat this October: https://www.winedinecaroline.com/french-wine-tours-retreats/lyon-french-wine-tour/ 

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