Moving to France isn’t just about getting the visa.

I mean, sure, that’s important, especially if you want to make sure you’re set up to be able to stay long term. (I always tell people to plan as if it’s forever, to ensure they’re set up right from the start, instead of having to scramble to change their status later.) But the reality is that everything about your life has to change in order to make it here in the first place.

It’s about making space for your new life by tying up loose ends from your life now.

It’s about being ready to take that leap of faith.

Moving to France is everything from making sure you have digitized copies of your most important documents, to selling your home and your car, to getting extra prescription medication to cover the gap before you join the French system.

It’s so much to think about, which is why we put together tons of checklists and documents for our clients to help them get ready. It’s hard to think of everything, especially with the excitement of moving and the mixed emotions about saying goodbye to the life you know.

The most recent podcast episode helps you to identify some key actions to take as you get ready for your move – and how to ensure you have the support you need as you navigate the process.