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This week’s questions include:

❓I would like a better understanding of my ability to work and have an income if my husband is able to get the artist visa.

❓If you do not pass your medical visit when renewing the annual visitor visa, are you sent home?

❓I am interested in creating an “arts-related endeavor” here. Is this Artist-Talent visa a one-year visa? Is there a link to apply for this kind of visa?

❓How long does the artist have to start making an income? My husband is a professional here in the US but obviously will take some time to be up and running in France.

❓Can you please talk about the one year visitor visa? Can you go to Germany or return to us for health care during that time? We are retired so are there any tax implications during year 1 or if you renew?

❓As an American (only a resident of the US), would I have to apply for a carte de séjour in the US if I am planning to move to France with my EU citizen (Danish) spouse?

❓Do they take into account stock holdings?

❓If I have French contracts, are they just looking for endorsements or signed contracts from these clients? The future French clients will be my future income that I will mainly rely on.

❓I am a U.S. citizen, and I’ve recently arrived in France with a long-stay visa. I am retired and do not own a home in France. At this point, I am not sure how long I’ll stay before I head back to the U.S. to take care of business. Under what conditions would I need to file a French income tax form?

❓My job has an office in Paris and I’ve always wanted to work there. I was told the best way to be transferred there is if I become a local hire (in essence: quit my US job, move to Paris, and then get hired in Paris). How does that work exactly? Are their financial ramifications?

❓As an entrepreneur, is having a number of independent contracts from French clients pretty much the same as a French company hiring me and sponsoring me?

❓Can dogs travel on the train?

❓What are the pet concerns for renting an apartment? How do the French regard service dogs?

❓If I’ve had my appointment with the consulate here in LA, but have not yet received my visa before my travel date, can I still travel to Paris as a visitor and have my visa sent to me in Paris?

❓We are researching purchasing a second home in France. I am a professor so I believe I can stay there on a regular tourist visa during my summer break (3 months) and winter break (mid-Dec-end of Jan). (I tested the dates via the Schengen calendar.) However, we would like to have a property with a gîte for rental income. I would like to learn about how that impacts our plan regarding visa requirements.

❓I am currently a real estate broker licensed in Oregon. If I am not allowed to work in France under my visa, will I be allowed to collect referral fees? I would not be working, but passing names to an Oregon broker, who would then cut me a portion of their commission check.

❓If you get a LT visa as a retiree, can you join the French healthcare system? When? How much does it cost?

❓Instead of getting an extended visa, can I leave France after 90 days and live in the UK for 90 days and then return to Paris as an ongoing option?

❓Can you please discuss the process for apartment hunting and signing a lease ?

❓Can you please discuss the process for applying for CAF ?

❓Will I need to obtain/apply for the carte de séjour at the French Consulate in the US in advance, or can I just arrive and file my documents within 3 months of entering?

❓I will be entering the EU after having only been out of the EU for 2 months, not 90 days. Will this be a problem? Will it shorten my time frame for submitting documentation within 3 months? How quickly is the carte de séjour issued?

❓Our daughter is on a controlled substance. It cannot be shipped internationally. Do you know if it’s possible to get this medication in France? This is one of our unknowns in our desire to start the visa process to move from the US to France on a long term basis. Check the Agence Nationale de Sécurité des Médicaments to see if that medication is available in France.

❓I’m retiring in 9 months. My wife is an MFT who wants to see clients and start her own business in France. We have an 8 year old daughter that we want to put in school in France. We are all US citizens, not EU. Just curious about which visas would be the best to go for if we want to live there for many years if not permanently?

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