Welcome to this special episode in our miniseries on How-to Franceform, specializing in retirement, Allison Grant Lounes identifies the main things you have to think about if you’re planning to retire in France, from your visa type, to the yearly renewal, to topics like how health insurance and taxes work when you have a Long Stay Visitor Visa for France.

We cover:

  • What it means to retire in France: not working, and not planning to work (And why you may want to consider other visa types if you aren’t of retirement age)
  • Difficulty of switching visa types from visitor to something else and what timeline you should expect if you go this route
  • Types of income you can and cannot have on your visitor visa
  • Health care on the visitor visa and how to register for the French healthcare system
  • Taxes on the visitor visa
  • Renewing the visa each year and why you’re not likely to get a long term resident card or be naturalized as a French citizen

Enjoy listening along and learning How-to Franceform!

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