With the rise of “digital nomads” over the past ten years, the creation of fully-remote jobs requiring only a computer and an internet connection, and the pandemic accelerating the ability to work from home even indefinitely, many people have taken advantage and have been empowered to work from anywhere, including from other countries. While it may seem exciting to be able to live anywhere, explore a new city and learn a new language by day, then work on your home company’s timezone by night, there isn’t a sole effective and legal way to do so. The fact is that remote work is relatively new and not well-defined or regulated by existing laws makes it more difficult to ensure you’re doing everything correctly.

What makes understanding international remote work situations even more complicated is the fact that consulates, tax offices, accountants, and attorneys often give conflicting information to people seeking to do the right thing. And hundreds, if not thousands, of people have been getting away with undeclared remote work for years, often mistaking the fact that they haven’t yet been caught or sanctioned for doing so for official approval of their setup. Many of these same people encourage others to circumvent the rules like they did and dismiss legitimate concerns about the consequences of working under the radar. So let’s dispel a few myths about the realities of remote work, and particularly, international remote work. 

In this episode, we’re going to talk about the possibility of working remotely in France.
✅ What do most people mean when they say “working remotely” in France?
✅ How do people usually try to “work remotely” in France, and why is that setup risky?
✅ What are the consequences for the employing company that has an undeclared business activity and employee in France?
✅ The tax and regulation reasons why it doesn’t matter where the company is or where the bank account is located
✅ What makes you a tax resident of France and why that’s important
✅ What’s okay versus not okay on short and long trips to France
✅ How to live and work in France for a foreign company if you do NOT need a visa to live in France
✅ How to live and work in France for a foreign company if you DO need a visa
✅ The benefits of getting the right visa and ensuring you are paying appropriate taxes to the right country

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