Maybe you’ve see this meme around the internet:

European out-of-office reply: “I am out of the office for 6 weeks this summer. Please contact me when I return on September 1.”

American out-of-office reply: “I’m out of the office for 3 hours this afternoon to have kidney surgery. I’m reachable on my cell if you need me.”

Which one sounds better to you?

In France, the month of May is a month of holidays that kicks off the summer. While we’re getting arnaqué (ripped off) because May 1 (May Day) and May 8 (Victory in Europe Day) are both on Sunday this year, we still started the month on the tail end of the Easter spring break, and we’ll get that 4-day Pont de l’Ascension followed directly by Lundi de Pentecôte the first Monday in June.

It may seem like we’re awfully busy doing nothing (except enjoying the spring and our tax declarations), but the truth is, vacation and rest are essential to quality of life.

What good is it to create your dream, only to not be able to enjoy it?

We were not made to be permanently stuck or stressed out, or trying to find a way to take a break from our lives.

We were made to create. To enjoy new food and new places. To travel and enjoy.

And when I forget to take a break, and to go outside and actually enjoy  Paris and enjoy  the food, wine, culture, countryside… that France has to offer, it makes life and work harder.

Following your dreams isn’t just about work. It’s about life. So what are you ready to create?

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