The thing that’s can be interesting about my job is that in theory, the French administrative tasks to be completed by newcomers in France are the same for everyone. Follow the instructions, provide the documents, and voilà – should be simple

But in many cases, it’s not.

Some people breeze through everything with zero problems, no additional requested documents, and no unreasonable delays. Other people, sometimes in the same department, have nothing but problems: delays, no responses, a series of requests for additional documents, and just plain old bad luck. Of course, we try to explain typical and possible outcomes of each administration to our clients, but French administrations continue to surprise us.

The best defense is a good offense: making your any application or file is complete and includes the proper supporting documents goes a long way to making your bureaucracy tasks easier, but it’s not foolproof.

And the best predictor of your long-term success is not your preparation, but your mindset and your attitude.

Don’t try to control it, and don’t try to make bureaucracy easier than it is. Just roll with it.

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