Welcome to Episode #36 of Profiles in Franceformation. In this episode, we have a very special guest, Janet Skeslien Charles, the New York Times Best-Selling author of The Paris Library, an historical fiction novel about a young French woman, Odile Souchet, who lands her dream job working at the American Library in Paris just before the German occupation of Paris in World War II. Janet became enamored with France as a young girl after hearing stories from the war bride who lived in her hometown, and she has lived and worked in France since 1998, when she came as an English teaching assistant.

In our pre-recorded Q&A, we’ll hear Janet explain…

  • The inspiration she found from a war bride in her hometown
  • Her experience living in France with a host family while in high school
  • How she came to work at the American Library in Paris, and what other ways she has been involved in the writing scene of Paris
  • Where she drew inspiration for some of the characters in the book as well as the particular quotes or other works of literature she cited in The Paris Library
  • The aspects of living in Paris that Janet found particularly challenging
  • A bit more about her first book, Moonlight in Odessa
  • How she enjoys spending her free time in Paris and where she likes to visit throughout the city
  • What activities or places she might recommend to someone planning to come to Paris
  • Her advice to someone wishing to write in Paris or hoping to move to Paris

To learn more about Janet and her book, The Paris Library, visit her website here:

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