Welcome to Episode #35 of Profiles in Franceformation, I’m your host, Allison Grant Lounes, and today I’m speaking with Sunshine Erickson who moved to France from Boston at age 32, following her French husband. Once in France, she reinvented herself by enrolling in a licence professionnelle to enter the wine industry. Today she runs a natural wine distillation company called La Thériaque in Montpellier, France with her American business partner, Lana. Welcome Sunshine!

Sunshine explains…

  • What she did in Boston prior to moving to France and her career plan when she arrived in France
  • If she notices any differences when marketing a product to a French vs American consumer
  • What sort of challenges she experienced when first moving to France
  • Her education pursuing a licence professionnelle and how she was able to find a long term job after her program
  • The differences of working for a French company versus an American company
  • If she encountered any challenges when starting her distillery business in France with her business partner, Lana
  • What it is like to work in the wine and spirits industry in France
  • Some of the best aspects of working in Southern France
  • How COVID has impacted her business
  • How her mindset shifted after becoming a French citizen and what her experience was like when getting divorced in France
  • The advice she would offer to someone wishing to move to France

To learn more about La Thériaque, visit their website and Instagram here:

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