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This week’s questions include:

❓ I want to buy a home in the Paris suburbs, live there every 90 days and rent it out as an Airbnb when I’m back in the U.S. Do you pay taxes in both countries? I’m looking for resources to get the process started.

❓ Follow up to #1: I would want to move to France permanently but I have a boyfriend who doesn’t speak French and is very hesitant about moving to France. He doesn’t want to have to rely on me for everything. I’m a French teacher about to retire in June. Any suggestions as to try to convince him that a move to France would be a good thing? He’s been to France twice with me and really enjoyed it, especially the food, but there’s a huge difference between visiting and living there.

❓ I’m deciding between doing a Master’s program with Middlebury in Paris and an M2 directly at a French university. My ultimate goal is to stay in France after the Master’s program. Which program do you think will make it easier for me to stay in France after? (If I only do the M2 can I still apply for the APS upon completing my Master’s at a French university or will I need to do both M1 and M2?)

❓ I have been in France for 3 years with travailleur temporaire visa. Next year I will be a student. I understand that I need to go back to the US to get a student visa. But will this mean that my first 3 years won’t count towards the 5 year requirement to get citizenship? If they don’t count because I have to go back to the US is there anyway around that? A different kind of CDS that I could get while staying in France but also be a student? Thank you!

❓ Is it possible to move to France without yet having a job there?

❓ What types of non-student visas are available?

❓ So forgive me for continuing this line of discussion, but does this mean if you are retired and have sufficient income to meet income requirements, speak french, have french friends etc. can you just apply for French citizenship without worrying about a job – will this qualify you for “citizenship by decree”?

❓ If pursuing a profession libérale visa for something I have 15+ years of professional/career experience in, do you think it will be ok if I don’t have a bachelors degree?

❓ Also, when getting approved for a profession libérale visa, if you have a family to support (I.e. 2 or 3 children plus a husband), any idea of required earnings (since would need to be more than just SMIC) to get approved?

❓ Does the five year clock start from the date of the marriage or the date the marriage is registered with the French government?

❓ When applying for a student visa and submitting proof of housing, what is the best practice/option to choose in order to avoid application scrutiny? I might prefer to stay in an Airbnb for one month & then seek a private roommate situation rather than student housing for which may not qualify anyway. Airbnb seems strict on cancellation of subsequent months, so I guess other option is hostel/hotel, but expensive. There might be the possibility of housing with a friend but based on some comments that seems to be questionable if no rental contract and/or of opposite gender. Of the options offered which is generally the most reliable for the student visa process?

❓ Not as visa related a question, but have any clients had luck signing a lease from appartager, PAP or other non-agency connections prior to arrival (such as in May or June for an August arrival)? Want to get the best deal possible but also do things correctly and for best situation possible? What items are most recommended for the rental dossier for an older American student? Is GarantMe the best/only option if older and have no one can/want to ask in France to be a guarantor?

❓ How to open a bank account when there is no permanent address

❓ How to rent short term 3 months with no bank account

❓ If I want to get paid as a consultant by a French company, how do taxes work in that case? Does the French company have to set up a business presence here, or do I need to set up a business presence in France in order to be paid as an American consultant to a French company?

❓ Does the five year clock start from the date of the marriage or the date the marriage is registered with the French government?

❓ My husband is already in France and I’m going to apply for a visa to join him. We are from the US. He’s on a passport talent and the lawyer said I’d apply for the same type of visa. How does that work if I don’t have a job there yet? That’s what I’d like to do — would I need to line up French clients first?

❓ And more questions on moving to France, French visas, and the naturalization process.

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