Welcome to Episode #34 of Profiles in Franceformation, I’m your host, Allison Grant Lounes, and this week I’m interviewing Lisa Anselmo, a New Yorker who has made Paris her part-time home. She’s a writer and author of a memoir entitled My Part-Time Paris Life about her experience building her relationship with Paris, and the growing amount of time she spends in Paris. She’s done advocacy work for Paris culture, from educating tourists about the damage caused by the Love Locks, to her more recent project, Save the Paris Café. Thanks for joining me, Lisa.

Lisa explains…

  • Her initial thoughts when visiting France as a student, and how that opinion changed 20 years later
  • Her shift in careers as her life in New York became smaller, and her life in Paris exploded
  • How she was able to integrate into her local Parisian community
  • The process of buying her French apartment and the advice she would now give to anyone considering to rent or purchase their own apartment as well
  • What she is currently doing to support local businesses, particularly cafes, within Paris
  • In what ways she enjoys living in Paris and how it is different from her life in New York
  • The differences she has learned between French and American culture
  • In what ways she feels like she has started to become French and what things surprise her when traveling back to the States
  • Her advice and guidance to someone wishing to move to France

Read Lisa’s book, My Part Time Paris Life: https://amzn.to/3JNZwHU 

Be sure to check out Lisa’s website and social media accounts:

To learn more about Lisa’s project, Save the Paris Cafe, check the following link:

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