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This week’s questions include:
❓As an American, do you need a Visa to buy a vacation property?
❓As an American, do you need a will in re: buying a property in terms of who will inherit the property?
❓To stay in France for at least a year what would be the required visa type?
❓If I have French citizenship but my wife doesn’t, will she need a visa? Is there a specific visa for this situation?
❓Would I need to be a student or working to stay for at least 1 year?
❓I want to find out how the French pension system works when you pay into their social program from your work income. For instance, how long/much would I need to contribute to qualify for distributions.
❓I am looking at student visa for an M1 and M2, two year program or just an M2 for one year and I wondered if two years is required in order to be able to be hired by a French employer while still on the student visa and or to qualify to switch to the job seeker visa or other visa type? It might be better financially and timing of being on the job market before the olympics to finish in one year but if that affects access to jobs and other visa types that would be a major reason not to do so.
❓What experiences have other clients or group members had with obtaining work at end of a student visa or switching to a job seeker visa ? If one did switch to job seeker and did not find qualifying employment after the year can they switch again to another type like profession libérale if have requirements?
❓My long stay familial visa will expire on April 20th, 2022. I have a meeting at the prefecture in Epinal to renew my visa so that is a carte de séjour (resident permit)on March 31. I have a flight scheduled on May 28th to travel back to the US. Will I be able to leave the country if my application is still processing?
❓Family of 5 moving to southern France, husband on student visa. What visa am I eligible for besides visitor? How to get our children enrolled in college/lycee from another country prior to our arrival?
❓Which visa is best for wishing to relocate permanently but continuing to work remotely for a uk company? What is the the income requirement to relocate permanently as a family of 5?
❓Recommendations for bilingual schools within an hour of Paris?
❓If I have residency under a passport talent visa, can I go study in another EU country temporarily (October-May)?
What is the equivalent of EB1A (alien of Extraordinary Ability) visa in the US in France? My husband is British and emigrated to the US 18 years ago on this one to work in the entertainment industry. We are now considering relocating to France. Is there a similar visa in France? In a nutshell, what documents are needed?
What time frame should be allowed for processing visas?
❓Can you talk a little more about the profession artistique for a musician? What would be needed project-wise to be approved for a musical artist visa?
❓So say husband was going for the musician artist visa – could he include MY revenue (prof libérale) as part of the income he had to supplement his potential earnings? Do they look at a couple for visa applications even if pursuing different visas from each other?
❓What are the main visas that allow a family to come over on one and for a spouse to work?

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