Allison has put together incredible resources, and people can follow it and submit their visa application, but I think that just having someone familiar with the process and the hiccups, and all of the experience she’s had with people dealing with similar issues (like requests for more information).

You can’t put a value on the experience, and the fact that she really knows her stuff and does her research. There are a lot of little details that could really trip someone up if they didn’t have someone like Allison they could call on. If I have a question, Allison has the answer, or knows where to find it. And she knows the updates and what the newest updates on the process are.

It’s hugely beneficial to someone like me who has anxiety! Allison is in this business because she genuinely wants to help people make this move, with as little stress as possible. She wants people to get their visa so they can start a new life in France. If people are committed to moving to France, it would behoove them to give Allison a call.

– Amy G

After beginning work with us right before Covid hit, Amy successfully applied for a Profession Liberale Autoentrepreneur visa using our Entrepreneur VIP Concierge Package, and arrived at her new home in France in October 2021!