Thanks to Allison’s guidance, I successfully got my profession liberale visa. All of the questions and training provided by Allison helped me to think through the visa application and business plan and determine how to make money and earn a living in Paris.

I knew I wanted to move to France. Last fall/winter, I had a timeline but no real info on how to make it happen. I had no real knowledge/info about the visas or process, so it was a complete lack of info. I knew I needed to hire someone to help me. After seeing Allison on a video event, I decided to work with her because of her success rate getting the visas.
The biggest value in working with her is the success of obtaining my visa. She helped me to determine the right type (profession liberale), lay out the things needed and have everything set up in order to be successful in Paris.

With Allison’s help and expertise, I was able to understand the French visa process, understand how to integrate into French culture & bureaucracy once I had arrived and establish a good plan for actually having a decent income in Paris.

Considering that she does the full range of visas, I’d recommend anyone who wants to move to France work with Allison!

-Brian B.

In October 2021, Brian successfully applied for a Profession Liberale Autoentrepreneur visa using our Entrepreneur VIP Concierge Package to move to Paris as a self-employed swing dance instructor.