Welcome to Episode #28 of Profiles in Franceformation, I’m your host Allison Grant Lounes. On this week’s episode, I speak with Porter Scott, who moved to France in 1980 to study art. He’s responsible for bringing both pecans and microwave popcorn to France, and his career has spanned real estate, American food imports, and French antiques dealings, before returning to his true calling as a fine artist. Thanks for joining me, Porter.

Throughout my conversation with Porter, you will also learn more about…

  • What brought he and his family to France in 1980 and why he decided to come back
  • How he was able to stay in France after studying on a student visa
  • The innovative and entrepreneurial idea he and his father had many years ago
  • His experiences at the Préfecture trying to renew his visa and why gumption and resilience is essential for an American to have in order to stay in France
  • Porter’s early days in business introducing pecans to the French market
  • What happened that encouraged Porter to pivot from selling pecans to a new business venture
  • His experiences in the antiques world of France and how the tradition of passing down antiques or heirloom family pieces have changed in the recent years
  • How Porter began managing and renovating properties in Paris
  • The challenges Porter has experienced as an American business owner in France
  • What has encouraged Porter to stay in France despite challenges in his business ventures
  • The things Porter enjoys most about France including the arts, the authenticity, the history, and how this has changed
  • How Porter feels French when he visits the US or how he feels American in France
  • What Porter would recommend to Americans wishing to come to France

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